LG Unveils V30 Smartphone Featuring an F1.6 Aperture Camera


If you had your mind set on Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note 8 phablet, it's not going to be an easy call.

The LG V30 is speculated to be unveiled on August 31, a day before the opening of IFA 2017 Berlin which runs until September 6.

According to a report by ETNews, LG plans to announce a "Plus" variant of the V30 alongside the standard variant during the IFA 2017 event in August. Tech Radar reported that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and LG V30 Plus will go on sale on three local carriers on September 15, making it hard for customers to narrow down to a single device. It is also speculated that the LG V30 camera phone will have the ratio of 18:9 that will be created to cover DCI-P3 colour space up to 109 per cent. However, LG is doing things differently with the LG V30 Plus. We'll just have to wait and find out how this one turns out. The Galaxy S8+, for comparison, is $849 Dollars, so it wouldn't be surprising to see LG's competing model parked around that price point. As it usually is, the Plus model will be a higher-end phone.

The report also suggests that the device may never be launched outside South Korea.

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LG's first F1.6 lens is also the largest aperture among existing smartphone cameras, delivering 25 percent more light to the sensor compared to an F1.8 lens. As for the pricing, the former will be sold at around $700 (roughly Rs. 45,000), while the Plus variant will carry a price tag of $875 (approximately Rs. 56,000). The report is not really clear on this part, saying that the two devices will have these differences in place, but not saying which device will be getting what.

Presumably, the LG V30 will carry 64GB of internal storage and the LG V30 Plus will have 128GB of storage space.

Like what the company did when it released the LG G6 Plus after the LG G6, there will also be an LG V30 Plus alongside the LG V30.