Here's where the clearest skies will be during the total solar eclipse


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As millions of Americans prepare to view the upcoming solar eclipse, vendors are stocking up on - and in some cases running out of - specialized viewers needed to avoid potentially serious and permanent eye damage.

By the way, the widest shadow does occur about 10 miles from Hopkinsville.

Walmart has nearly everything, and solar eclipse glasses are not an exception.

Nashville is the largest city in the path of the eclipse, and specialists at the Vanderbilt Eye Institute want to ensure that eclipse watchers across Middle Tennessee keep an eye on safety while viewing the astronomical event. Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to watch the celestial phenomenon take place as the Earth crosses the shadow of the moon. Do not use if they are damaged in any way. The first was a partial lunar eclipse that happened last week.

When daylight slowly surrendered into darkness during a solar eclipse in ancient times, some civilizations believed the spectacle was the result of an enormous creature devouring the sun.

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Bob Baer, a Southern Illinois University physics professor, will be taking telescopic images of the eclipse in Carbondale as part of a NASA initiative to collect photos from almost 70 sites in the path of totality. However, they are selling out fast, and may no longer be in stock in the coming days. During each eclipse season, there are at least two eclipses visible from some parts of the Earth.

Astronomical society members will set up telescopes with protective solar filters and will have projectors available so people can see the eclipse up close, the news release said. But you have to remember, we're going to see a partial eclipse. Petro says observations of the sun during totality will also allow scientists to study the solar corona.

People across the country and here in eastern North Carolina are getting geared up for the highly anticipated eclipse. Although the corona itself doesn't produce enough radiation to harm the retina, the seconds before and after the total eclipse can produce enough light intensity to be harmful. NASA-funded studies during this eclipse will look at the effects from the eclipse on our atmosphere as well as what happens on land.

Experts are warning people about counterfeit eclipse glasses. That success helped make him a household name. Tell us your best viewing spots in the comments.

More safety tips can be found at Birds have been known to return to their nests and insects to sing as if it were night. He saw that the gravity of the sun had bent the path - exactly as, and in the precise amount that, Einstein had predicted. This is the point that the moon most obscures the sun. Would Earth get dark? It will still be bright, so you can't look at the sun. Also, when the total eclipse is over, you can see the shadow rapidly retreating to the southeast. This particular eclipse will first hit the Pacific Ocean, then move into OR, cross the SC and end in the Atlantic Ocean.