August 11 Reminds Pennsylvania Residents To Dial 8-1-1 Before Digging


Atmos Energy wants to thank homeowners and excavators alike for observing the law and keeping our communities safe by always calling 811 before digging.

Once underground lines have been marked, dig with care - using only hand tools if digging within 48 inches of the marks until the location and depth of the facility is determined.

"Conversely, if you dial 8-1-1 before digging, there is a 99% chance your excavation project will be completed successfully without damage to underground utilities", Kiger continued. Customers and contractors should call 811 before clearing blocked sewer lines to determine if any utility lines are nearby as well.

Striking an underground electric or natural gas line can cause serious injury, damages and service interruptions.

Virginia's C.A.R.E. message reminds you to call VA811 and emphasizes additional steps you can take to prevent damage to underground utility lines. "Still, even with that record number of calls, 44 percent of the damage to our electric facilities in 2016 occurred because someone did not call 811 before digging".

-Call 8-1-1 before digging: When starting an outdoor project involving digging, contact Georgia 811 at 8-1-1 or 1- 800-282-741.

That easy-to-remember, toll-free, one-stop number 811 is the nationwide One-Call Notification System's phone number.

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The ground beneath us is crisscrossed with vital underground utilities.

"If you think about it, there are a lot of buried utilities on the ground". Examples include putting in a mailbox, planting a flowerbed and building a deck. Calling that number enables excavators to locate underground equipment that could be in the path of their work, and mark that equipment's location to prevent damage.

Calling New York 811 automatically connects you to the New York One-Call Center, which collects information about your digging project.

If you hired a contractor, confirm that a call to 811 has been made.

Once lines have been marked, you should respect the marks and dig carefully around them.

Visit for more information about 811, safe digging practices, how to save money by saving energy and other energy-related services and information. PSEG Long Island is a subsidiary of Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated (NYSE:PEG), a publicly traded diversified energy company with annual revenues of $9.1 billion.