Weekend Update Summer Edition'


Hader also wasn't particularly amusing while playing up Scaramucci's goomba persona, so maybe it's for the best that "The Mooch" only lasted 11 days.

"We hate leisure. We hate fun and sun and enjoying our lives", said Colin Jost, "Weekend Update" anchor. Anything is possible, including an appearance by The Mooch himself. "I'm like human cocaine", Hader said. He will be interviewed by George Stephanopoulos on ABC's This Week on 13 August and on 14 August on CBS's The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

They won't have to tinker with the formula too much after Saturday Night Live had its best season in 25 years, .with 22 Emmy nominations.

Kenan Thompson played National Basketball Association dad and world-class braggart LaVar Ball, whom Jost called a "black Trump, everyone!"

Availability was probably also the impetus for Leslie Jones doing one of her as-herself appearances created to make Jost blush at her aggressive flirting and to troll her online adversaries.

The show saved its sharpest digs for President Donald Trump and his older sons.

Weekend Update has only rarely tried to put the "live" in Saturday Night Live anyway, so canned and reheated monologue leftovers don't feel that unusual coming from Che and Jost, whose jokes were mostly the stuff of Twitter from last week and perhaps as recently as Tuesday, rather than offering any immediacy. And Michael Che mocked Trump for folding his arms, saying he looked like "a Jeff Dunham puppet".

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"You can't threaten someone when you're sitting down", he said. "Da Mooch!" - calling in via FaceTime, and the desk hosted a visit from first sons Eric (Alex Moffat) and Donald Trump Jr.

"The whole story is a nothing burger", Don Jr. responded.

"No one cares about my meeting with the Russians anymore", Don Jr. said.

"But last week you got some peanuts", Eric said, though he meant "subpoena".

Don Jr.'s solution was to distract his brother with a fidget spinner.

Opting not to air a cold open, WU Summer Edition hit the ground running with jokes about the summer turnover in the Trump White House, North Korea, and immigration. The prime-time version offers a refreshing break from all the reality shows.