'RHONY': Luann Opens up About Her Failing Marriage at Exclusive Reunion


A weird flashback sort of feeling comes over the show when Luann starts talking about how much she loves her husband Tom, when in reality, we know that they are calling it quits.

In the final updates of the season, we learned that Tinsley and Scott are moving in together, Carole is training for the New York Marathon, and Luann and Tom have already filed for divorce.

One of those mutual friends was Missy, who Bravo viewers saw earlier this season at Ramona Singer's place discussing her previous relationship with Tom. "Absolutely. Because for me friend, girlfriends come first". "I don't know if it's ever going to happen", Ramona said. Luann told the cameras she thought it was a good move that Tinsley threw the party so that Sonja couldn't be mad that she hadn't thrown her a party. Girl. GIRL. Being single is not that bad, and it's certainly better than hitching your wagon to someone you don't know very well.

Luann announced her divorce from Tom on Thursday via the social media. "I need to find her a great guy with money".

The AATRH team wishes LuAnn the best during this hard time.

Bone to pick Tensions flared as Bethenny Frankel called out Tom's behavior during the reunion episode
Bone to pick Tensions flared as Bethenny Frankel called out Tom's behavior during the reunion episode

Tinsley throws a nice, low-key party at a dive bar to thank Sonja for her hospitality (just kidding, she got a tiered cake, Sonja-tinis and T-shirts that say "Thank you, Sonja" on the front and "XOXO Tinsley" on the back).

Next up in RHONY: New Home Edition, Tinsley is living at a hotel and Carole is really impressed with it because apparently she doesn't realize that people who stay in hotel rooms have nothing to do with furnishing them. But the ladies, including Bethenny Frankel and Tinsley Mortimer, wanted Luann to address how it made her feel, not how it looks. Shortly after that, Luann and Tom showed up. "He didn't want to just be her escort to dinners and parties".

While Dorinda constantly defended allegations that Tom was a womanizer and publicly flirting with other women, the time finally came where she had to intervene; on the May 24 RHONY episode, Dorinda told LuAnn about the most recent rumors of Tom's inappropriate behavior.

Until the reunion...where we can only hope Andy plies the women with a whole lot of tequila and Sonja tries to make out with Bethenny again.

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