Overwatch is getting free-for-all and team Deathmatch modes


One of Overwatch's most requested modes is finally making its way into the game. For now, and as always, both modes remain in testing on the PTR and will be pushed to the live servers via an update whenever Blizzard is good and ready.

Here's everything you need to know: Two new game modes have been added to the Arcade: Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch.

For the longest time, Blizzard has been staunchly against the idea of deathmatch modes in Overwatch. Then the new Deathmatch mode might be for you.

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For now, you can entertain yourself with the Overwatch Summer Games event, in which you can earn brand new skins for each of the characters. It is essentially Rocket League and Overwatch combined, and despite how odd that sounds, it is a very entertaining and fun mode. It's important to note that Mercy's Resurrection ultimate will take kills away from the other team's kill count, so you may want to build your team around her powerful ability. Deathmatch even gets modifications of some of the Hybrid and Escort maps as well as portions of the Assault maps to accommodate Deathmatch. The top half of best-performing players will get a win credit.

Kaplan also explained some of the maps have been modified to accommodate the two game modes, and a new map was made exclusively for Deathmatch. Both of the new modes are joining the Public Test Realm later today, August 10, and will be almost identical to the Deathmatch modes you may have experienced in other first-person shooters. In the video (which you can check out above), Kaplan explains that he "didn't think (deathmatch) was right for the game" originally due to the team's focus on objective-based play but that the Arcade came along and changed all that. As it is tightly associated with the character, it will have story details for Widowmaker in the map itself and quick glimpses of what "she's now up to" in the map.