Neuromancer movie gets greenlight with Deadpool's Tim Miller behind it


When Deadpool director Tim Miller parted ways with the comic book movie's upcoming sequel due to "creative differences" with Ryan Reynolds, it was certainly surprising, to say the least.

A number of filmmakers have attempted a Neuromancer adaptation over the years, with Joseph Kahn and Vincenzo Natali among the directors who have been attached over the past decade.

Miller will direct an adaptation of the 1984 sci-fi novel Neuromancer for Fox, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. His VFX studio Blur is also working on the adaptation.

This project doesn't now have a screenwriter or a release date, so it's unclear where it would fall in Miller's schedule. Moreover, he'll be reteaming with Deadpool producer Simon Kinberg on the project. Neuromancer has always been a target for adaptation, but has never made it before cameras: Torque director Joseph Kahn was in line to direct in 2007, while Cube and Splice director Vincenzo Natali was later attached to the project.

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Fronted by two of 2017's big hits, Ghost in the Shell and Blade Runner 2049, cyberpunk is officially back on the big screen. What's more, with Ready Player One bringing us dystopian virtual reality in the near future, it's clear that visually stunning, over-the-top science fiction is going to be a big part of the movie scene for the next few years. Deadpool has proven that he's also capable of providing this on a shoestring budget, which may go a long way to helping this thing get further along in production that previous attempts at the source material.

Neuromancer doesn't have a release date set yet, but we'll keep you updated with more info as soon as we hear it.

No writer has signed on yet, but that's fine, because the plan is for Miller to make a Terminator movie with James Cameron first, then move on to Neuromancer.