Nearly Two-Thirds Of Americans Can't Find North Korea On A Map


The recent developments that North Korea has nuclear capability and the response by a batsh** insane leader of our own has led to a lot of Americans agreeing we should take military action against the growing threat before they can strike first.

The good news is that a decent number of respondents knew North Korea was *somewhere* in Asia.

Others point toward Europe, Russia, South America, Australia, Vietnam and anywhere that isn't North Korea. This could be due to the stereotype that Americans have little concern for the rest of the world, but it's most likely because they aren't taught much geography in school.

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The lack of geographical knowledge is particularly worrying considering the results from a New York Times study. His task? To figure out just how many people can identify where the country - one which 72 percent of those polled believe is capable of a strike against the USA - is located on a map.

Secretary of State Rex TillersonRex Wayne TillersonTillerson avoids contact with North Korean envoy Top Russian official: US, Moscow ready to have further dialogue following sanctions Tillerson, Russian foreign minister meet in Manila: Interfax MORE stated Wednesday he doesn't believe there is an "any imminent threat" from North Korea.

"[President Trump's] making threats about nuclear war", said Kimmel on Tuesday night. No wonder people hate us. He sent a crew out to Hollywood Boulevard to ask locals and tourists to find the rogue nation on a map.