Multiplayer is Finally Coming to No Man's Sky… Sort of


The developer has also made bew improvements to space flight and combat, with the enemy artificial intelligence having been overhauled, and new difficulties have been added. Today's patch notes say that Atlas Rises offers 30 hours of new story content, adding a new interdimensional race along with "a new context, quest system and branching narrative". Hello Games added that more details regarding update 1.3 will be released once it goes live, which is likely happening this week.

As it turns out, Atlas Rises is much, much bigger than Murray initially let on. While the full changelog is yet to arrive, the studio revealed that improvements to the central story and quick travel portals will be included in the update. One of the biggest disappointments regarding No Man's Sky at launch was the lack of a cohesive, compelling story, but Hello Games is looking to rectify that misstep a year later. You can also use them to revisit previous planets, other bases or just randomly skip to a new world. The bad news is that you won't be able to do much with these players.

Explore with your fellow last!

You've got to find that out yourself, folks. You'll now see other players who are exploring the same world as you represented in-game as floating orbs. While interaction with others is now very limited, this is an important first step into the world of synchronous co-op in No Man's Sky and VOIP (Voice over IP) allows proximity based voice chat with other nearby explorers.

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You'll be able to analyse resources before you start hacking away to gain alternative resources from mining too. Ship maneuverability has been improved, bringing more skill to dog-fighting abd devastating rockets can be equipped to ships and upgraded for even greater firepower.

It pays to be a nosy parker in No Man's Sky. It's the feng shui of planet terraforming.

At roughly 1 am United Kingdom, a password protected page was put up on the No Man's Sky website containing the 1.3 Patch Notes.