LawBreakers 'Are You Skilled?' Launch Trailer Released


LawBreakers has suffered from a rough launch, with the game reportedly managing to only achieve a peak of 3,000 concurrent players on Steam on its launch night and now dropping to around the 1,000 player mark. It is developed by Boss Key Productions headed by Cliff Belzinski, the former Gears of War creator. This 40 minute run of PS4 Pro gameplay shows a smooth 60 frames per second throughout. Though there are enough players to find matches, these numbers don't bode well for the long term.

Even though these issues are rearing their ugly heads on the very first day, Boss Key Studios and Nexon, the publisher, are aware of the problems and have been looking to fix them.

"We are now aware and investigating a hitching issue on PS4 when joining/leaving a match or changing roles". You can check out the tweet below. This usually leads to a awful stuttering in the middle of the match that can prove to be troublesome if you are interested in playing the game. Arjan Brussee, COO of Boss Key Studios, was quick to announce his frustration, retweeting the original tweet with his official statement. Prepare to put your FPS skills to the test and engage in a new kind of combat with low-gravity action and high-speed twitch shooting. Think Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, times 10. Though teams may not play as characters from the opposite side, the chosen Roles have the same equipment and play-style regardless of team.

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For some odd reason, LawBreakers launched on PS4 yesterday with a stuttering problem.

Are you experiencing these problems?