Heathrow Airport records best ever month in July


Six of the airports were rated "very good", 20 rated "good" and four rated as "poor".

The report also shows that the number of air passengers with a disability requesting extra help continues to grow significantly, reaching over three million journeys in 2016 - a rise of over 66% since 2010.

The airport said Middle Eastern destinations in particular were popular for travellers, as fuller aircraft led to a seven per cent rise in passengers to the area, while United Kingdom destinations also posted five per cent passenger growth after Flybe launched flights from Heathrow to Scotland earlier this year.

The UK Civil Aviation Authority today published a report that assesses the top 30 UK airports on the quality of assistance they provide to passengers with a disability.

In its report, the CAA said: "In last year's report we classified Edinburgh as "poor" and therefore we are particularly pleased that there has been significant progress at the airport over the year". The CAA says that those with "very good" and "good" ratings have performed well in areas such as customer satisfaction, waiting times and engagement with disability organisations.

"Looking ahead, Ryanair will introduce a number of new winter services in September and October to Frankfurt, Krakow and Madrid, while Lufthansa will also increase the current Munich service from one flight per week to four, ensuring we enter the second half of the year in a position of strength".

Edinburgh Airport said it was "delighted" to achieve its higher rating.

Heathrow Airport records best ever month in July
Heathrow Airport records best ever month in July

Image caption The CAA said Glasgow "provided a high quality assistance service throughout the year".

A CAA spokesman said this could be related to staff recording how long it took to give disabled people assistance in getting off aircraft and getting around the airport.

Airport operator HIAL previously said that last year's rank was down to it failing to properly publicise its work in improving accessibility.

"We are already taking further steps to improve accessibility by improving our waiting area and changing over signs for our disabled toilets".

Meanwhile, Edinburgh and Glasgow airports both reported their busiest month on record in July.

Heathrow Airport had its best month ever in July, as the summer getaway sent passenger numbers soaring.

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