Facebook steps up video ambitions with Watch


San Francisco: Facebook Inc. on Wednesday made its biggest move to date to compete in the television market by expanding its video offerings with programming ranging from professional women's basketball to a safari show and a parenting program. The new Facebook Watch platform, on the other hand, aims to provide users with original content that's not found elsewhere.

A blog post about the new Facebook service stressed that it is organized around "friends and communities".

It will be "a place where you can discover shows your friends are watching and follow your favorite shows and creators so you don't miss any episodes", Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said.

Facebook wants to feature a broad range of shows on Watch, including some exclusive to Facebook. According to the video shared by Facebook, when the user taps on the video tab, they will be taken to page with videos and different categories. There will also be several categories like the "Most Talked About", which contains list of shows that have sparked the conversation, then there is "What's Making People Laugh", section which includes shows where many people have used the "Haha" reaction, and "What Friends Are Watching", which helps you connect with friends about shows they too are following.

But Espelien wonders whether Facebook users will tap (or click) the Watch tab when with another tap of the finger they can "click over to Hulu or Netflix or whatever".

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Watch is a great platform to increase theinterest of all users and creators to find an audience, build communication, and earn money for their business.

"Nas Daily" publishes a daily show where he makes videos together with his fans from around the world.

Live shows that connect directly with fans. Tastemade's Kitchen Little is a amusing show about kids who watch a how-to video of a recipe, then instruct professional chefs on how to make it. Facebook is already broadcasting some Major League Baseball games and that would continue, the company said.

The company already has a Video tab in the app, only for the users in US and now the it has introduced a redesigned video tab to change the way we watch videos on social network. Similarly, we'll be opening up Shows to a limited group of creators and plan to roll out to all soon.