Ex-Fox News star Bill O'Reilly launches daily online show


Ever since he departed from Fox News, O'Reilly has divided his time between producing his No Spin News daily podcast and sharing photos of Holly, his Pembroke Welsh Corgi. O'Reilly teased his new video format last night with a 30-minute-long news show (only available to premium subscribers) that was filmed inside a proper studio and revolved around O'Reilly offering his hot takes on current events.

During the show, titled "No Spin News", named after his podcast, Mr. O'Reilly spoke with radio and TV host Michael Smerconish via Skype about the threat of North Korea.

O'Reilly, who long held the No. 1 spot among cable news shows, was sacked from Fox News in April after about 90 advertisers backed out of the program following The New York Times reported that the network or O'Reilly paid some $13 million to settle sexual harassment claims by five women.

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"When I watch your network it is hour after hour after hour of speculation with 17 hate-Trumpers and one Jeffrey Lord, or someone else who looks like he's on a tranqulizer, defending him", O'Reilly told Smerconish.

O'Reilly has never appeared on CNN but has selected a friendly anchor to speak with for his first interview with the network. O'Reilly was enthusiastic about the prospect of joining Smerconish next month.