Egypt: Alexandria train collision kills 28, injures 90


At least 28 people were killed when two trains collided in Egypt, with rescue workers still trying to free passengers.

The trains collided head on; one train was coming from Cairo and the other was coming from the city of Port Said, at the Suez Canal.

State news agency MENA reported that two trains were involved in Friday's accident.

Egyptians have long complained that the government has failed to deal with chronic transport problems, with roads as poorly maintained as railway lines.

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In February 2016, dozens were injured when a train derailed after crashing into a concrete barrier south of capital Cairo.

The crash also injured 123 people, Sharif Wadi, an assistant to the health minister, told state television.

Egypt has experienced other major train tragedies in the past, including a derailment which killed 19 people in Badr Rashin in Giza in 2013.

The worst rail disaster was in 2002 when a train heading to southern Egypt caught fire, killing more than 360 people.