Apple may drop the S from the iPhone


The iPhone 8 is set to launch next month. Some of you may have already booked the last half of September off work to stand in line at the Apple Store while some of you may not be sure how (or if) you want to spend you money this fall.

These numbers mean that we now know that the iPhone will have a screen that measures 5.8 inches diagonally - at least according to the official HomePod firmware, anyway. The main different between the two phones would be display and battery size. We've seen the device in numerous leaks and rumours, and here's yet another. Forbes notes that the new screen could be the largest on an iPhone to date. Of course, it's entirely possible that the iPhone 7S Plus won't have wireless charging and the glass back side is just there in order to simplify the manufacturing process and maintain a somewhat consistent image across the entire iPhone lineup. The device will feature dual-lens vertical cameras.

However, what we know about the iPhone 8 suggests we're in for a radically different handset this time around.

Winget released a similar video earlier this week, offering a glimpse at other "iPhone 8" mockups as well as the LCD-based "iPhone 7s" and "7s Plus". Also, I am curious about the potential size increase of the iPhone Plus model.

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Verdict: The iPhone 8 wins. In a sense, it's better that Apple is taking its time to flawless the handset and remove any problems remaining, but such a big delay means that it has no excuse for not providing a near ideal device. For me, this is where the iPhone 8 surges ahead of the iPhone 7.

Finally, the alleged schematics of the logic board, shared by PhoneArena, on iPhone 8 have been leaked and while it doesn't offer any revealing information that would change your perspective of the upcoming smartphone altogether. The rough feature list has been known for a little while now, and in the past few weeks we've even seen videos with iPhone 8 models appear on YouTube.

How much will the iPhone 8 cost?