ACA premiums expected to rise due to market uncertainty


Almost eight in 10, including about half of Trump supporters, say the president and his GOP allies should make the current health care law work, according to a Kaiser poll being released Friday. Most Democrats (70%) and independents (59%) favor the bi-partisan approach, though almost half of Republicans (49%) and Trump supporters (46%) want Republicans to continue pursuing their own plan to repeal and replace the law.

President Trump has threatened to cancel the payments, known as cost-sharing reductions, which reimburse insurers for giving discounted deductibles and copays to low-income people.

Most (57%) say Republicans in Congress should work with Democrats to make improvements to the 2010 health law.

Just 21 percent of respondents - but 49 percent of Republicans - want the GOP to continue working on a plan to repeal and replace Obamacare, the survey said.

The uncertainty sown by President Trump over health payments is causing double-digits premiums increases for Obamacare customers next year, according to new reports this week that could undercut his hopes of blaming Democrats as the law spirals.

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"We're likely to see some insurers going back and asking for even higher premium increases from what they initially requested", Cox said. Three in 10 (31%) support President Trump using whatever tactics are necessary to encourage Democrats to start negotiating. The House in May passed a bill to partially repeal the law and drastically cut Medicaid. Insurers want to know whether the Trump administration will continue to fund a key set of Obamacare subsidies and enforce the individual mandate. There has been a 9-percentage-point increase in people who hold a favorable view since November. At stake is the fate of the exchanges and the 10 million Americans who receive coverage through the exchanges, and in particular the 6.7 million people who purchase individual insurance on or off the exchanges without subsidies.

The national poll by the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation was conducted after last month's failure by Senate Republicans to pass a bill to replace and repeal the Obama-era health care reform law.

Similarly, six in 10 (60%) say that insurers' decisions not to sell insurance plans in certain marketplaces will affect everyone with insurance, and three-quarters (76%) say so about insurers charging higher premiums in certain marketplaces.

The poll of 1,211 adults was conducted August 1- 6.The margin of sampling error is plus or minus 3 percentage points.