Pro-Buhari Protesters Storm Abuja, Ask Sick President Not To Resign


President Buhari on May 7 traveled back to London for a follow-up treatment and has remained there for 94 days now with no news of a possible date for his return. Where the police suspect that hoodlums are trying to hijack the protest, it is the duty of the police to apprehend the hoodlums and those who break the law rather than generalise and thus brutalise innocent protesters.

They added that President Buhari had fulfilled the constitutional requirements by transmitting a letter to the National Assembly about his condition as well as transferring power to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, now the country's Acting President.

"The Police personnel intervened at the point that the concerned Nigerians Group lost control of the crowd and prevented miscreants, hoodlums and other criminal elements from hijacking the protest to cause mayhem and chaos".

"We however urge the organisers of the protest to join other Nigerians in praying for the safe return of President Buhari".

- Urge Police to adopt more democratic measures.

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On Thursday, marking the fourth day of the protests, another group, Coalition for Good Governance and Change Initiative, on Thursday stormed Abuja to counter #ResumeOrResign protest, which began four days ago.

The Arewa youths advised the governors and South West politicians to call those they described as "attack dogs" engaged in the protest to retrace their steps or face being exposed in their secret political deals.

Goodluck Obi, a leader of the group, said the president has not violated any section of the constitution as being propagated by some civil society groups.

Popular artist, Charlie Boy, and Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke admonished Nigerian youths to join the campaign to demand Buhari's return or resignation, noting that the issue is about the future and well-being of the nation. We know those that are behind the protest against the president.