Giant inflatable chicken appears behind White House


A giant, inflatable chicken that has Trump-esque hair was spotted near the White House on Wednesday. Online retail website Ebay reportedly lists several available Trump chickens, with a 10-foot chicken hailing from China going for almost $500.

To say that Taran Singh Brar isn't pleased with President Trump's first 200 days in office would be an understatement.

The chicken balloon, designed by Seattle artist Casey Latiolais and produced in China, was placed on the Ellipse, just south of the White House and near the Washington Monument.

"Yeah I brought the chicken out here to make a statement nearly like a visual, political protest to critique the Presidents behavior".

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Organizer Danelle Morton said that the chicken, available for purchase online, was adopted as a mascot for the march.

The DCist reported that the Tax Day March did not taken responsibility for the chicken's plucky appearance in front of the White House.

Tax Day March events this year have featured the chicken during protests of Trump's decision to not release his tax information. He is on vacation in New Jersey.