Fire and fury in Korea: Samsung burns Note 7 owners in lawsuit


For, the pressure sensitivity was only restricted to the area where the iconic physical home button once was, and where the virtual home button now shines.

However, it does raise the question of whether there will be a 128GB mid-tier, or rather a higher-tier storage option of the regular, non-Emperor Galaxy Note 8.

The Investor reports that the same solution is being adopted for the Galaxy Note 8 in order to replace all the functionality of the home button and open a hidden menu with shortcuts to different features.

Second-Chance Shot in the Arm for Samsung? Quandt doesn't give us any specific idea of when this phone will launch, merely saying that it'll be arriving "soon".

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Samsung began its redemption in April with the release of its Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus flagship devices. That's about 20 percent lower than the S7 and S7 Plus sales figures in a comparable time period.

The camera itself has two lenses, although you can only really see them if you zoom in, with a flash and fingerprint sensor to the right. A Weibo leak suggests that the phone will be sold in 8 color choices, as depicted above. We will also see a dual camera system in the back.

Nelson used waterproof adhesive to fix the gasket and didn't bother to push the fingerprint sensor back down.

In the meantime, the latest leaked images of the Galaxy Note 8, which will come with a stylus accessory, show the phone will be available in eight colors: midnight black, gold, arctic silver, orchid gray (or violet), coral blue, dark blue, pink, and deep sea blue.