Beware of government-run health care


Contrary to the super well-funded marketing campaign that alleges single payer is "too difficult" or "too expensive", in fact, it would be quite simple and far cheaper than our present system (in which we spend about two times what other industrialized countries pay). "The Division is continuing to work with our state partners on attracting an insurance carrier to serve the 14 bare counties and to support the stability of the market for those insurance carriers who remain". Although the ACA has done really tremendous things, a stronger, better version can do more, and it's up to us in Congress to make that happen. There are counties where the exchanges have one or no insurers.

Zero Republicans voted for it and claimed they were on the verge of a better plan.

Peter Morley, a New Yorker with life-threatening medical conditions, said, "My health is declining, and I am not sure how much longer I will be here to share my story and lend my voice, but I will continue to stand here because the fight makes me feel like I am not helpless or invisible". The ACA has been beneficial for me and my business, and I'm glad it's here to stay. I have had 9 surgeries in 10 years.

If GOP leaders started putting forth really constructive proposals, Democrats would support them. We're gonna repeal, and I know people are saying, 'Well it's dead. I know firsthand that your health can change in an instant.

"We've still gotta do that, and I'm making a prediction here". "We can bring jobs back to America".

Americans hate our health care system, this is true. Eliminating the subsidies will prove extraordinarily painful for millions of working families. "New York can lead the way now by enacting the New York Health Act". Their plan would have made themselves and insurance executives billions off the suffering of millions of Americans. "Rather than tear it down, we should continue to build on its success", said NYS Senator Brad Hoylman.

The administration stopped advertising and shortened the open enrollment period, raising insurance costs for everyone.

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There remain some real shortcomings of the Affordable Care Act that should be addressed, to make it work better - and more affordably - for the people it is meant to help.

The congressman said that if Congress can pass tax reform, "the business community can take off".

When criticizing the Affordable Care Act, it is appalling how ignorant members of Congress, the press and the rest of the media are.

By expanding Medicaid, the ACA sought to ensure access for low-income and unemployed individuals - including those who refuse to look for work.

Experts fear many Americans who have relied on subsidized insurance will no longer be able to afford individual plans and insurance companies may simply choose to withdraw their plans from marketplaces altogether, only selling privately or to groups.

Obamacare created the health insurance tax, which places a direct tax on insurance premiums.

The ACA has also helped me directly by reducing insurance costs for myself and my employee.