Baby strangles on auto seat strap inside babysitter's closet


The Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office has concluded that nine-month-old John Norris died as a result of vehicle seat belt strangulation.

Investigators determined the caretaker placed the child in the auto seat, and then inside a walk-in closet, so that he could sleep.

Police have concluded that John suffocated to death in his sleep after sliding down in the auto seat, where the bottom strap was not properly connected.

The medical examiner ruled the 9-month-old was suffocated by the straps of his vehicle seat.

"It appears the bottom belt strap was not properly connected, wasn't inserted, and the child slid down the seat", says Officer Brad Perez of FWPD.

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Officer Perez says while the death itself appears to be a disgusting accident, the circumstances around the death are being investigated. "Crimes Against Children and Homicide were notified". I do know 10 to 11 children is a lot. Norris chose to speak to the media Wednesday to share a word of warning for busy, single parents in need of after-hours care.

A family attorney and close friend of the Norris family said the boy's mother, Megan, is devastated by his death.

'For them, this is something they never saw coming and don't know how to handle at this point. She said there were no red flags, no bruises, scratches or any other indication that her son was being neglected. She placed the boy and his auto seat in a bedroom closet where it would be quiet enough for him to take a nap. Norris said the woman later told them that her older niece and nephew were being placed with her and that she'd be taking care of them as well. It's unclear if the children lived at the home or not.

A man has been arrested and charged with arson after he allegedly tried to burn down his grandmother's Fort Worth home. They plan to wait on the investigation to reveal more.

Child Protective Services and Child Care Licensing are also looking into this case.