PS4 System Update Version 5.0 Patch Notes Leaked


Last month, Sony announced that PlayStation 4's 5.0 system update was on the way and that a beta would take place in August.

Details about PlayStation 4's forthcoming firmware update 5.0 have reportedly surfaced, revealing that 1080p 60fps Twitch streaming support is on the way for PS4 Pro users.

First details on the recently announcedurogamer, which obtained a copy of the update's release notes.

The PlayStation 4 next big system update, update 5.0, is going to introduce plenty of new features which will make sharing of content and interactions better than ever, according to a fresh report.

Everybody loves a good system software update, and having just heard about Microsoft's wholesale revamp of their console's OS - some of which isn't actually going down too well if you skirt through certain corners of Reddit - now the changes and improvements Sony have planned for system software 5.00 on PS4 have been leaked to Eurogamer. In family-friendly fashion, primary accounts will be able to set parental controls, and there can be more than one adult/guardian account.

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The headline feature for streamers is that you can now stream at 1080p60 to Twitch if you have a PlayStation 4 Pro, which simply latches onto what's already possible via Remote Play and Share Play. Decide whether you only want existing friends to follow you or block other users altogether.

Additionally, a new web app will help the management parental/family controllers and option from you PC and smartphone. Requests can also be sent to adult accounts on other PS4s to join the same family.

Lastly, with 5.0, system notifications will be visible from your Quick Menu so you don't need to head back to your Home screen.

Other additions to the interface include push notifications, additional languages including Czech, Thai, Greek, Vietnamese, Romanian, and Hungarian, and the ability to see spectator comments on screen while you're playing a VR game.

Support for bundle and compilations discs, as well as discs which support games and add-ons.