Trump Calls for International Toughness, Decisiveness on North Korea


Attorney General Jeff Sessions has vowed a crackdown on leaks of government information.

The Fox News story asserted that U.S. spy satellites had detected North Korea moving anti-ship cruise missiles to a patrol boat. What can you tell us about us about that?

United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley called the article "a shame" on "Fox & Friends."

DOOCY: You have no reason to believe that's not accurate, though.

EARHARDT: If that shouldn't be in the newspaper, is that another leak, I guess?

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"North Korea is not showing any evidence it plans to halt its missile tests", said one official who requested animosity to discuss sensitive information. "I will tell you it's incredibly unsafe when things get out into the press like that". "You're not only just getting a scoop on something, but you're playing with people's lives". And this has got to stop.

Donald Trump is now on the fourth day of a 17-day "working vacation" that's "not a vacation", and when he's not getting busted on camera tooling around in a golf cart, Trump has been tweeting.

In a tweet sent early Tuesday morning, Trump said the world must be "tough & decisive" when addressing North Korea. "We must be tough & decisive!", Trump wrote in a post on Twitter on Tuesday.

The story, a scoop from Fox's Pentagon reporter Lucas Tomlinson, cited anonymous U.S. defense officials as saying "North Korea is not showing any evidence it plans to halt its missile tests", and describing "a trend that does not bode well for hopes of de-escalating tensions on the [Korean] peninsula". It is even more disturbing that he is making grand policy pronouncements based on the very "leaks" he and his administration claim are making everyone less safe.

"(The sanctions are a ) violent infringement of its sovereignty" that was caused by a "heinous US plot to isolate and stifle" the country.