NY Jets owner confirmed as United Kingdom ambassador


The Senate has confirmed New York Jets owner Woody Johnson to be the USA ambassador to the United Kingdom and ex-Texas GOP Sen.

Confirmed by the Senate late on Thursday (August 3) before their summer recess, and now awaiting an official swear-in.

Johnson, scion to the Johnson & Johnson empire co-founded by his great grandfather, has a net worth of $4.2billion, according to a Bloomberg analysis.

It will be the 70-year-old's first foray into politics, following in the footsteps of the president himself, a property mogul-turned-reality television star.

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"It looks like it could have happened", Johnson said.

While he is posted in London, brother Christopher Johnson will take over running the football team's day-to-day operations. He was also instrumental in fundraising during Trump's campaign for the White House.

At his senate confirmation hearing, a smiling Mr Johnson joked that his ownership of the New York Jets had taught him the importance of "commitment and perseverance". Sure they've only played there once, but perhaps Johnson can keep up the momentum in his new role.

He follows in the footsteps of ex-president Barack Obama's former U.S. ambassador to Ireland, the late Dan Rooney, who was chairman of the Pittsburgh Steelers.