Kelly quickly moves to impose military discipline on White House


First, Sean Spicer resigned as press secretary after Anthony Scaramucci was hired as communications director. But Kelly resisted the president's offers, before finally agreeing to take the White House job.

He suggested the White House "vastly increases" the amount of visual, video and graphical images it produces to "communicate our message".

Trump had reportedly been eying Kelly as a replacement for former chief of staff Reince Priebus for weeks, according to the Times. On the call, he asked Ryan Lizza to reveal the person the person name who had leaked the information regarding dinner with USA president Donald Trump. John Francis Kelly now White House Chief of Staff and was also US Secretary of Homeland Security requested US PresidentTrump for doing this.

On Tuesday night, he was seen giving his family a tour of the White House.

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After this huge matter, only one questions comes in mind that Why Trump is fighting Republicans?According to US President Donald Trump, the comments which Anthony Scaramucci made were inappropriate especially being White House Communications Director.

But soon the voice of new White House Chief of Staff John Kelly (who sounds like an adult in Peanuts cartoons) put an end to the fun. He told CNN it was "time to hit the reset button" and that Trump was looking to do something different, but a source close to Priebus said the former Republican National Committee chairman turned in his resignation after Scaramucci's rant against him was published.

Mr Scaramucci was also very vocal about leaks coming out of the White House, saying he wanted to "kill all the leakers".