Chinese media to Trump: Stop the 'emotional venting' on Twitter


Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer wants President Trump to take a stand against China for its kids-gloves response to North Korea's nuclear missile activity by using the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) to deny all pending requests involving Chinese acquisition of US companies.

In a cutting editorial of 1,000 Chinese characters issued late on Monday from Xinhua, the official news agency, it said: "Trump is quite a personality, and he likes to tweet".

North Korea last Friday launched its second ballistic missile in less than a month, about Pyongyang's abilities to strike the US mainland.

China has repeatedly said it is not Beijing's responsibility to resolve the North Korean issue and that Washington and Pyongyang both need to take steps to calm tensions and address each others concerns.

Relations between the United States and North Korea are incredibly tense, what with the hermetic nation testing increasingly advanced missiles-and working to create a formidable nuclear arsenal-with major cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago and potentially even New York City within range.

HEMMER: This is a newspaper, the China Daily, said this: "Trump is wrong, ' it says, 'in his assumption that Beijing can single-handedly handle the matter" with regard to North Korea.

So, what's the White House's next move?

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"All parties should have a correct understanding of this", it said, adding the worldwide community widely recognized China's efforts to seek a resolution.

When the Fox host suggested that Chinese officials may not be swayed by presidential tweets, Gorka responded, "If you can win a USA election with it, I think it's pretty powerful".

Gorka then went on to say that China has the ability to control North Korea's imports, which would be a massive point of leverage over the isolated country.

Qian emphasized the mutual benefits of China's trade with the USA and said that couldn't be linked to issues concerning the Pyongyang regime.

Any new U.N. Security Council resolution "that does not significantly increase the global pressure on North Korea is of no value", Haley said, adding that Japan and South Korea also needed to do more.

"International society, including Russian Federation and China, need to take this seriously and increase pressure", Abe said. "Driving the USA from the Pacific without Beijing firing a single shot", said Peters.

The United States flew two supersonic B-1B bombers over the Korean peninsula in a show of force on Sunday in response to the missile test and the July 3 launch of the "Hwasong-14" rocket, the Pentagon said. O'Shaughnessy said in a statement.