Trump & Senators Make Immigration Policy Announcement


Trump is expected to announce his support for such an overhaul of immigration law during an event at the White House with conservative Republican Sens. David Perdue Wednesday to announce new immigration legislation that would cut legal immigration in half.

"Our current immigration system is outdated and doesn't meet the diverse needs of our economy", said Cotton aide Caroline Rabbitt.

Trump, who made a campaign pledge to reform the country's immigration system, is scheduled to appear with the Republican senators at 11:30 a.m. EDT.

Top White House aides have been working with Perdue and Cotton on the bill that, if passed, would dramatically remake the current immigration system, which allows a number of ways to bring family members to the U.S. along with job-based visas. "But when only 1 out of every 15 immigrants arrives in the United States on a skills-based visa, the majority of the remaining immigrants are either low-skill or unskilled". Current immigration law allows US citizens and legal permanent residents to sponsor their parents, siblings and married adult children for immigrant visas.

"Right now, only one in 15 immigrants come here due to their skills".

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Even with Trump's support, the bill faces an uphill climb in the GOP-controlled Senate. On Wednesday, he's unveiling legislation that would curtail legal immigration. "What the merit-based system would do is bring our immigration policy more in line with what's good for American workers and taxpayers, so that's the overarching goal, and that I'm sure is the driving force behind talks with Congress and these senators".

The current US immigration system favors uniting family members with relatives already in the country.

President Trump is introducing new legislation with Sens.

The updated RAISE Act, which has also been reported by the Washington Examiner, moves the focus of Trump's immigration agenda from cracking down on illegal immigration to reducing the number and types of people allowed to immigrate.