Parents of Mallory Grossman appear on the Today Show


The family of a 12-year-old New Jersey girl who killed herself says it will sue her school district for not stepping in to address the problem of cyberbullying.

The taunts weren't relegated to cyberspace, and after school hours, but by now they had become a daily part of the sixth grader's retinue, in the school hallway, at the school cafeteria and even in the classroom. "But if you can think back to the time when you were 12 years old, your social status in middle school was the most important thing to you", Grossman said. Mallory's mother, Dianne Grossman, said she spoke to the mother of one of the girls the night before Mallory took her own life.

There had to be relief? Dianne complained to the administrators at the school right before the unthinkable happened. The family attorney says she was tortured by several girls online. The manner of death was not disclosed.

"There was a pattern of the school dismissing my concerns", Dianne Grossman said.

Told the Grossman's family lawyer, Bruce Nagel on Tuesday of the family's intent to sue against Rockaway Township School District and its administrators, 'for months they ignored pleas to stop this, ' while alleging "gross negligence". Pictured the 6th grade student who attended Rockaway Township, NJ school, Copeland Middle School. Moreover, the study found that excessive Internet use was 'strongly associated with higher levels of depression' and thoughts or attempts to commit suicide. "And I can tell you that the mother dismissed it, said it was just a big joke, and that I really shouldn't worry about it", Grossman said.

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The Grossmans are considering taking legal action against the parents of Mallory's classmates who wouldn't stop bullying their daughter. Mallory was a cheerleader and gymnast who family says was well-liked and sociable. But the texts and taunting from the parent's daughter continued nevertheless.

"New Jersey has some of the strongest laws around HIB [Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying], and the Rockaway Township schools never filed one report, to this day, even still, a report has not been filed", Dianne Grossman said today. Why wasn't necessarily understood.

She also criticized the fact that the school touted its self-assessed A grade in recent anti-bullying reports, giving itself a score of 74 out of 78 in the most recent self-assessment posted on the district's website.

The family also announced Tuesdays that they've set up a nonprofit foundation in Mallory's name - Mal's Army - to help educate others about bullying. She was described as a compassionate, creative young girl who loved nature, the outdoors and "flowers, every color and shape".