Kushner Discloses Additional $10M In Assets


Jared Kushner revised his financial disclosure forms on Friday to include 77 assets he "inadvertently omitted" when filling out the paperwork the first time around.

Although the documents show Ms. Trump's personal assets, income and liabilities, they do not disclose her brand's fashion licensing partners, for example, or real estate clients.

Kushner, the 36-year-old commercial real estate magnate whose marriage to Trump's eldest daughter has thrust the otherwise inexperienced diplomat into the center of USA foreign relations, now wields a hefty foreign affairs portfolio in the Trump administration. This is the 39th time Kushner's financial disclosure has been updated since March; Ivanka's, filed in June, is now under review by the Office of Government Ethics. Frequent revisions are not unusual for appointees with many holdings.

Jamie Gorelick, a partner at WilmerHale who is advising the couple on complying with government ethics requirements, said in a prepared statement: "Jared and Ivanka have followed each of the required steps in their transition from private citizens to federal officials".

Kushner's wife and the president's daughter, Ivanka Trump, also filed new federal disclosures.

The filings reflect the extraordinary wealth of Trump and her husband, who jointly made at least $100 million since the beginning of 2016 and hold at least $206 million in combined assets, including some that they report are being sold off. Her filing notes that the fixed payments were necessary to reduce her interest in the performance of the businesses.

On March 9, her company assets were placed into a trust that is worth more than $50 million in total.

Ivanka Trump also listed receiving $2.4 million in hotel-related revenue from the Trump International Hotel in Washington.

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Not that Halt is exactly expecting Ivanka to heed their call, given that their initiative has been nearly as much of an attack against the first daughter as it is against the president, with protests outside her apartment and Instagram after Instagram on the group's account mocking Ivank's book, Women Who Work.

She got $2.5 million in salary and severance when she resigned from the Trump Organisation in January.

For his part, Kushner earned millions from his family's real estate over the past year, his filing shows. As the Washington Post reported, the pair's trove is worth anywhere between $5 million and $25 million.

Kushner's 89-page disclosure reveals dozens of multimillion-dollar assets - reported in ranges of value. It describes Kushner's ownership in the entity as indirect and passive.

A White House spokesman said Kushner sold his interest in the Monmouth Mall in Eatontown, New Jersey, in May.

But Kushner and his legal team reversed course on selling the entire company. Some were properties or business interests that Kushner has divested.

Kushner also clarified his $5 million to $25 million stake in a holding company that owns Cadre, a real estate tech startup he co-founded with his brother, Joshua, that investors valued at $800 million.

The Trump family have come under scrutiny for their sprawling business interests and possible conflict of interest they represent. The Wall Street Journal reported Kushner's stake in Cadre in May.