Verizon allegedly throttling Netflix & YouTube even before usage limits hit; VPN circumvents


Earlier this week, Verizon customers began complaining on Reddit that their speeds were topping out at 10Mbps.

To make matters worse, members of the Howard Forums mobile community claim that YouTube speeds are being throttled as well, which means that this might be more than a fluke with Netflix's servers.

"We are definitely not capping data on our end and don't cap data for any mobile networks", Netflix said in a statement to The Verge, though Verizon has yet to respond to a request for comment. With our Moto Z Force connected to Verizon's network, we ran Ookla's Speedtest app and scored a download speed of 48.22 Mbps on Big Red's 4G LTE network. It said that the issue could be due to video optimisation tests.

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In a statement, a Netflix spokesperson said "We don't cap data and don't cap for any mobile network".

Over the past few days, many Verizon Wireless customers have noticed that their network speeds have been throttled when trying to view content from either Netflix or YouTube. Unfortunately, Chairman Pai's decision to rescind the report and to reopen the net neutrality proceeding have created massive uncertainty and suspicion. There are so many catches and exceptions that we just hope that the restrictions don't kick in until later in the month. For those Verizon customers which were seeing caps with video streams, Verizon's test is supposed to be completed soon according to the carrier, though Verizon didn't mention how long "soon" is, so it could continue through the rest of the day or even the rest of the weekend. It's hard to imagine a scenario where Verizon would need to throttle video connections in order to optimize them. The customer video experience was not affected. Something certainly smells fishy here, nearly as if Verizon got caught capping download speeds for video apps, and then chose to play it off as optimization testing before (presumably) removing those caps.

Alleging Verizon of discriminatory practice, a Reddit user crux57 posted,"This is a clear issue, No where does Verizon state they throttle to 10mbps". We'll see what happens from here, so stay tuned.