Andy Rubin's Essential rocked with executive departures as UK


The phone will be sold unlocked directly through Essential's website, but among US carriers, the company has only partnered up with Sprint.

The Essential Phone hasn't even arrived in the U.S. yet, but the latest report indicates that Andy Rubin is already preparing for its global expansion.

As for the U.S., Essential COO Niccolo de Masi says that the U.S. release is "imminent". Essential missed that window for whatever reason, but its ambition to challenge Samsung and Apple is stronger than ever, it seems.

We're still waiting for the Essential Phone to launch in the USA, and now it's been revealed that folks in a few other parts of the globe are going to be waiting with us. It's unclear which regions specifically will get this bezel-less ceramic device, but if the report is true, its United Kingdom launch date might not be too far away. Within Canada, the company has a similar agreement with carrier Telus and is reportedly working to lock down additional partnerships with global carriers in Japan and Europe.

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Are you excited for the launch of the Essential Phone?

We're not implying there might be something bad happening over at Essential, but there might be something bad happening over at Essential. Wallace has taken on a role at, a company founded by Black Eyed Peas musician, as its chief marketing officer.

The Essential Phone is still expected to launch in Canada at the end of this summer, and de Masi says the United States launch is "imminent". Earlier this year, the company debuted the Essential Phone, a flagship $700 smartphone with premium-tailored design (the body features a mix of ceramic and titanium) that aims to go head to head with competitors like Apple and Samsung. Essential will most likely resort to exclusive partnerships with carriers around the world to gain access to mainstream distribution networks. Interestingly, the Essential has already started work on their second smartphone, as yet unnamed, but probably he will be brought to logical conclusion in view of the outbreak of reshuffles at the top that usually entails downsizing.