To Topple Kim Jong Un, Expel Chinese Children From US Universities


Warmbier, who was 22, was arrested by North Korean authorities and sentenced to 15 years hard labor for "hostile acts" after he stole pro-government paraphernalia from his hotel.

North Korea has been actively advancing its nuclear capabilities under the leadership of Kim Jong Un. He has learned from recent history when the USA despises a dictator and that dictator abandons their nuclear arms efforts they have not survived. Officials have said it is poised to carry out a sixth at any time. After finally reaching a pact stating that it would stop nuclear development, North Korea secretly continued to work on nuclear weapons. These penalties come on top of other provocative U.S. steps against China, including a major arms sale to Taiwan, and so-called freedom of navigation operations challenging Chinese territorial claims in the South China Sea.

North Korea is doing everything opposite of attempting to seek a peaceful existence with its neighbors. Between 2003 and 2011 the missile launches increased in one year and decreased in the next.

The threatening response came as new sanctions have been proposed after the hermit state's test-launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile last week. See

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The 8th Army Command is the commanding formation of all American Army Forces in South Korea. It would seem that any military attack on North Korea would put upwards of 200,000 USA citizens in immediate danger.

While a further tightening of United Nations sanctions could jeopardize that trade, for now the North Koreans stand to benefit as Chinese state-owned enterprises saddled with debts look for affordable raw materials. Wow, this gets complicated and bloody in a hurry. We should have no illusions that they will solve this problem without significant changes in USA policy toward both nations.

However, an economic backlash against South Korea is unlikely to provide any solution to the protracted crisis between the two Koreas. I doubt that Kim would give any credibility to this given USA president's unfulfilled commitment not to expand North Atlantic Treaty Organisation into former USSR countries or to defend Ukraine if they gave up their nukes. A review of activity at key nuclear facilities in North Korea show more reprocessing cycles than previously known for nuclear fuel, raising the risk that the Kim regime has more plutonium-based weapons than the U.S. assumes. Beijing has repeatedly criticised the installation, pointing out that the associated powerful X-band radar can be used to undermine China's nuclear deterrent against a potential USA attack.

Since North Korea relies on Chinese imports for many of its basic requirements, maintaining exports of iron ore and other commodities helps to keep the flow of essentials from drying up, said Leonid Petrov, Korean Studies researcher at Australian National University's College of Asia and the Pacific. But how? Washington announced a $1 billion plus arms deal with Taiwan and sent a USA warship on a freedom of navigation/right of innocent passage voyage, passing within 12 miles of a Chinese island base in the South China Sea, eliciting strong protests from Beijing, but that's not almost enough to persuade the Chinese to take action to prevent what they themselves say is the risk of events spiraling out of control with catastrophic results that neither of us want. So you think it is unwise to let madman Kim Jong Un have the nuclear weapons at his command? "We usually put the number of refugees at around one million".