This Irish Mum Recreated Beyonce's Baby Photo And It's Hilarious


That's all one woman needed to pull off a remixed version of Beyoncé's viral baby announcement photos.

Meanwhile Irish actress Amy Huberman had a typically hilarious response after Beyonce unveiled her newborn twins to the world.

But Cork mammy Sharon drafted in her six-year-old daughter Megan for a photoshoot of her own.

It's not often that someone can do it better than Beyonce - but a Cork lady has gone and done it. It was to her surprise that the photos went viral.

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"I had a few spare minutes yesterday when I saw Beyoncé photo online", she told the Mirror. The Irish mum posed with her five-month-old twins and posted the picture on social media just hours after Beyonce posted first glimpse of her twins.

"Twas just a bit of crack for my friends", Kellaway told in an email.

So the mother grabbed her 5-month-old twins, draped a pink blanket over her shoulders and posed for a set of photographs taken by her 6-year-old son. I had what she had, so why not?

She also said she thought the photoshopped pictures of the superstar with her newborns were not the greatest example of what it is really like to have twins. Sharon, on the other hand, found a nearby pair of trainers and wrapped one of her children's blankets around her. See - the similarities are endless. "Then they asked me to make my posts public and it spiraled from there", Kellaway added.