Street Fighter 5 getting new classic stage and costumes this month


Right before SF5's Evo 2017 tournament kicked off, the game's producer (Yoshinori Ono) hit the stage to introduce him via new gameplay footage.

A lot of people were hoping that the new DLC will bring back some of the iconic Street Fighter characters but instead, Capcom made a decision to give them a new character that many claims feel bland and unimaginative. Street Fighter V is adding a stage and three costumes on July 25, and they're all from various parts of Street Fighter's history.

As "Street Fighter 5" players know, the boss in "Final Fight" will serve as the next DLC character for the fighting game and there is reason to believe it will be the flat top-sporting fighter Abigail.

The Street Fighter V Abigail appears to be a massive bruiser, and is apparently the largest character that the fighting game franchise has ever seen.

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As for costumes, Street Fighter III mainstays Ibuki and Alex will both get their classic duds, while Street Fighter IV's Juri is also set to receive her original outfit. It's called Metro City Bay Area, and shows Abigail's Scrap Metal yard in the background. Meanwhile, it remains unclear how the Suzaku Castle stage can be acquired.

These costumes will be available on PlayStation 4 and Steam starting on July 25 for $3.99 each.

The two remaining characters in the Season 2 pass will be revealed later this year.