RIP Martin Landau, Oscar-winning actor has died at age 89


Landau died Saturday at 1:30 p.m. of unexpected complications during a short hospitalization at the UCLA Medical Center, according to an emailed statement from his publicist.

Landau would finally strike Oscar gold (as well as his third Golden Globe, a BAFTA nomination, and a Saturn Award), winning acclaim for his portrayal of Bela Lugosi in Tim Burton's biopic Ed Wood (1994). "I was a bad guy by profession, a heavy in a certain kind of tacky movie". "I never had to work in a laundry".

Landau is also remembered for a role he did not take.

During the episode, Landau told stories about his early days as a struggling actor in New York City studying under the legendary Lee Strasberg and roaming the streets of the city with the likes of James Dean.

To the general public, Landau was best known to the public for playing master of disguise Rollin Hand for a top-secret spy team in the 1960s series "Mission: Impossible", in which his then-wife Barbara Bain also starred.

His film debut came in a small role in "Pork Chop Hill" in 1959, followed by a larger role in "The Gazebo".

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"In size and dimension, it's probably the best role I've had since 'Cleopatra, ' and my 10 best scenes in "Cleopatra" weren't in the movie", he told The New York Times.

Then he played a successful Jewish ophthalmologist haunted by a secret in Woody Allen's drama "Crimes and Misdemeanors". Accolades continued to roll in during the decade of the 2000s, with Primetime Emmy nominations for guest spots in Without a Trace and Entourage.

The Last Poker Game was released in April (17), and Landau has two other movies still in production - Without Ward and Nate and Al.

Laundau and Bain divorced in 1993. The film starred Cary Grant as a NY adman accidentally ensnared in an global spy ring.

Landau portrayed washed-up Dracula actor Bela Lugosi in his final years, alongside Johnny Depp, Bill Murray and Sarah Jessica Parker. "In a well-written script, the dialogue ... is what [characters] are willing to share", Landau said in 2001. "Every one of my friends thought I was insane, but Hitchcock liked it".