Passengers taken off plane after someone 'passes gas'


The weird and presumably strong-smelling incident was reported to have happened at the North Carolina airport on Sunday, with passengers complaining of nausea and headaches, according to WBTV.

A person who "passed gas" forced a plane in North Carolina to empty yesterday when the smell caused fellow passengers to report nausea and headaches, United States media reported.

Passengers on the flight said they became ill with nausea and headaches, officials said, and all passengers were removed from the plane. The airport later said the incident was a "medical call", while American Airlines said there was a "mechanical issue".

The flight, which was not identified, landed at the airport around 4 pm when the incident was reported.

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All passengers were taken off the plane, and investigators later determined the incident was caused by a passenger who "passed gas".

The airport's mixed messages prompted several media outlets to report that the plane had been forced to land in Raleigh - though it was the intended destination - and to be evacuated.

Flight 1927 from Charlotte to Raleigh landed at 2:21 p.m. on Sunday. "But it is not due to "passed gas" as mentioned," Feinstein said.