New Emoji In iOS 11 And macOS Revealed By Apple


If you are writing a message today (17 July) that contains emojis, congratulations, you are celebrating World Emoji Day.

Apple revealed the new emoji in commemoration of "World Emoji Day", yes that's a thing now.

Apple also notes the continued expansion of differing skin tones, stating that 'the new emoji make it easier for users to express themselves with greater diversity'. Several fun new characters are on the way, including a genie, a tyrannosaurus rex, zombies, a woman breastfeeding, an elf and more. In its findings, eMarketer noted 39 percent of surveyed USA and United Kingdom mobile phone users found brands that use the colorful and expressive forms of communication are "fun", while 13 percent found they were "relatable".

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In the meantime, here is a close look at 12 new emoji designs that will be coming to all Apple devices over the next few months.

These include some new additions like the Face With Monocle, Sandwich, Crazy Face, Exploding Head, and more. World Emoji Day is now in its fourth year and the reason 17 July was chosen as the date is because it is the date that is shown on the Calender emoji.