Disney Announces Oculus Exclusive 'Marvel: Powers United VR'


As part of the expo, Disney unveiled a demo of Marvel Powers United VR, a virtual reality superhero game where you can play as Rocket Raccoon, the Hulk, aaaand... Powers United VR allows players to play as some of their favourite characters from the Marvel universe, as they embark on a journey to "reclaim the Cosmic Cube and restore order to the universe".

The most interesting character of the group is most certainly the Hulk. As Rocket, you'll get to guns as you blast everything around you. While we will likely get an unofficial port for the former, unless this will be a timed exclusive, we may never see it on the PSVR or other future headsets.

They have a fifth character with a question mark on the box that has "Coming Soon", so we'll likely find out who they are soon enough.

Some popular video game personas are also being incorporated into the game to help build up some hype around the VR product with the widely popular Markiplier showing off the game during the reveal.

Furthermore, if you want a chance to play the game, visit the Marvel booth July 19-23 at San Diego Comic-Con.

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One of the coolest things I mentioned above, but really comes out in the trailer are the variable vantage points which make you feel more like each character. The comment section on the UploadVR trailer express disappointment in the exclusivity to Oculus.

Taking advantage of the Oculus Rift's new Touch controllers, players will be able to move their hands and body in real-time to unleash attacks.

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Project first-person is called Marvel: Powers United and developed VR specialists Oculus Studios, in collaboration with the team at Sanzaru.