B and C Trains Suspended Amid 145th Street Track Fire, Officials Say


A track fire at the 145th Street subway station caused major delays along the A, B, C, and D lines on Monday morning.

There will be no D trains between Columbus Circle and Yankee Stadium.

Video posted to social media showed fire trucks at virtually every corner of the intersection near St. Nicholas Avenue and West 145th Street.

A spokesperson for the Fire Department issued a separate statement to DNAinfo informing them that nine people had been injured due to the track fire, and were being treated for "non-critical injuries" in nearby hospitals.

The track fire comes as the MTA prepares to start a second straight week of FASTRACK repairs on the line.

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There is no trains service between 125 St and Norwood-205 St in both directions.

And B and C train service will end early each night.

A trains were suspended between 125th Street and 207th Street, but running local along the rest of the line, the MTA said. "As an alternative, customers were sent redirected to the 1 line which experienced heavy volume".

Service was disrupted for more than two hours before resuming around 9:50 a.m. with extensive delays, leaving many riders scrambling to find different travel options.