Auto launches off hill, crashes on top of house


Locals hope that that the city adds speed bumps to slow the flow of traffic or see the intersection of close-by Lillian and Mimika become a one-way street, to prevent further crashes, reported KSDK.

Redding said the intersection in front of his house is risky and it's not the first time a auto has come barreling onto the property.

The St. Louis Fire Department responded to a call from a neighbor.

The gym may have literally saved a man's life in Missouri after a SUV somehow managed to crash into the roof of his house. It was a tricky operation, according to the newspaper's report, because firefighters aren't accustomed to using climbing ladders while at the same time working to remove someone from a vehicle. "We put just enough on the roof to make the extrication and get off". "It was determined that it was viable".

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The driver was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, and his condition wasn't known. He is in critical condition with lower body injuries.

The residents were not home at the time.

Redding recently retired after 22 years at Norwood Hills Country Club, where he was restaurant and bar manager. He said the home, which may never again be habitable, has been in his family for 40 years. He was able to maneuver himself around in the living room where he used to sit and watch his big screen TV, now destroyed.