Amazon 'Anytime' messenger touted as an all-in-one app


We're not exactly sure how Amazon would go about this, but if it works it could vastly improve the biggest barrier most messaging apps face: active users. They now host an online marketplace, a music streaming service, a video streaming service and super fast delivery services.

Amazon Anytime messaging app will allow video as well as calling services.

Amazon - like most other of its other competitors - is going to integrate its app with basic features such as message encryption, video, voice and emoticons. The company that holds 70% share in the smart speaker market in the USA is reportedly working on a messaging app named Anytime.

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Messaging apps dominate the top charts of the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The new messaging service will be called "Anytime" and it could be a real game changer.

AFTV News revealed that Amazon has been running a survey particularly on which features the respondents would like to use in a messaging app. Users can expect to see some other features like GIF support, emojis, stickers, filters, and customisation options etc., which are offered by some other messaging platforms. The survey doesn't provide any indication about how far along Anytime is, but from the screenshots provided to AFTVnews, it looks like it will be a full-featured service out of the gate.

"Reach all your friends just using their name". The Amazon Anytime app is said to be launched soon. Amazon will take some time to make this app available for public.