Amazon Alexa has just arrived on smartphones


Consumers are still anxious about security and privacy issues, however, when buying things on a voice-controlled device, the study says. The HTC U11is the first smartphone device to support the hands-free usage of the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Hope to see new development in Alexa would also be seen in other smartphone making the smartphone app as a real asset and strong enough to its rivals.

That might sound appealing, but as I've tested the U11's Alexa assistant over the past week, the practical use of it doesn't live up to its promises. Google Home was found to be bass-heavy, with no provisions to adjust audio EQ settings thereby, making it useful only for activities like listening to news radio and not apt for those who are looking towards listening to music.

The cylindrical Amazon Echo Dot on your counter plays a soundbite from the president's latest news conference followed by a voice memo from your mom.

However, as compared to voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Apple Siri, Alexa's performance is far from being ideal. Alexa simply offers more skills users can benefit from.

The arrival of Alexa on the HTC U11 is a match made in heaven. Upon firing up the HTC Alexa app, youll be prompted to sign into your Amazon account. It can't send text messages or place phone calls; it can't open apps; and it can't provide navigation to a destination. For all of these common smartphone things, you have to use Google's Assistant, which does every single one of them well.

There's been plenty of chatter in our industry about "smart speakers" like AMAZON's ECHO and DOT and GOOGLE HOME.

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Nothing about Alexa on the phone takes advantage of the fact that it's on the phone. You can not depend on it as your sole voice assistant. Amazon may sacrifice some Echo hardware sales in rolling out the feature to the U11, but it has a chance to generate money through sales directed to via Alexa.

Starting today (July 17), Alexa will be available on the HTC U11 via a free over-the-air update from HTC that rolls out later tonight. If you're not invested in Amazon and just want a general-purpose assistant for your phone, Google Assistant is still the go-to choice until Alexa can improve its on-phone experience.

Voice shopping works, but why? Amazon has long touted the Echo's ability to let you shop by voice, so you can reorder batteries or paper towels with a simple command.

That means HTC U11 owners are the first to be able to use Alexa as a genuine, integrated digital assistant on their phones, though they're unlikely to be the last.

Over the past couple of years, digital assistants have become extremely important and also quite popular, offering users an intelligent way of interacting with their devices.