Girard bridal shop ready to help Valley brides in need


Alfred Angelo Bridal official shut down all its stores across the country.

Bridal retailer Alfred Angelo suddenly filed for bankruptcy on Thursday, leaving many employees in a hurry to pack their bags and close up shop. The lawyer handling the case says she has received more than 7,000 emails about it.

Platinum Limousine Service then helped deliver the dresses.

"[Employees] would not speak to reporters, but told a group of anxious customers to contact the law firm listed on the door and that the company had not paid them for work this week."Local brides and bridesmaids milled in front of the store for hours, each one peering nervously through the windows and knocking on the glass. No information was available on whether dresses would be shipped to customers or if refunds would be given out".

Channel 2's Audrey Washington spoke to the parents of a bride who drove from Charlotte, North Carolina to the chain's Dunwoody location just to get their daughter's dress.

"It typically always gets better after the bankruptcy filing for customers who have goods that have already been purchased", Redmond said.

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"I saw something on Facebook that the stories had closed, so of course I panicked", Martin said.

Brides who purchased their wedding dresses through one of Alfred Angelo's free-standing retail locations in the USA and have learned that their dress will not arrive as promised, will be given 30% off the current price of all gowns available at David's Bridal.

Others tweeted offers of help to brides who may not receive their gowns in time for their weddings. The store said they had to pull over half of their bridesmaid dress inventory.

"It puzzled me because I'm thinking okay if there's a massive power outage and computers and phone lines are down- how are they taking faxes?"

Others who weren't so lucky shared another strategy: going to a competitor (several are offering discounts to Alfred Angelo's customers) - and contacting credit card companies to try to claw back payments.

The news of the store closing has her scrambling to make sure her wedding goes on as planned.