ATM Spits Out Desperate Note From Trapped Man


He passed notes through the ATM receipt slot to customers retrieving cash.

Numerous note-recipients thought the help request was a joke, but someone did eventually call police and the man was freed. I'm stuck in here, and I don't have my phone. "It's got to be a joke", Senior Officer Richard Olden said.

The contractor got stuck inside the Bank of America ATM at a bank that's being remodeled.

The trapped man was stuck for about two hours, according to CBS New York anchors who could barely contain their laughter (above) while describing the situation. The contractor, whose name and company were not released, had left behind his phone and a device needed to open the door from the inside. The man was found uninjured, police said.

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One customer who received a note showed it to a police officer passing by, which prompted a call to the boss and a rescue operation.

"The poor guy was just mortified", Pena said. Something about the room, though, must have muffled the sound, police said.

No one was harmed, but a few traumatized ATM users may think twice the next time they reach for the receipt slot.