WWE Talking Smack Has Reportedly Been Canceled


This past Tuesday's episode was the final episode. The company has canceled their popular show "Talking Smack", which took place following #SmackDown Live every week on the #Wwe Network. The WWE released a statement that blamed ratings on canceling the series.

The program gained buzz last year when The Miz and Daniel Bryan argued on-air, which is largely attributed to the rise of The Miz over the past year. With Renee Young and Daniel Bryan as the co-hosts of the show, it furthered storylines and provided an outlet for advanced character development.

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This programme made the show quite unique since this was a platform where WWE let the superstars talk their mind freely. Fandango, Tyler Breeze, and Baron Corbin were also helped a lot thanks to the extra time that "Talking Smack" gave them. "Talking Smack" aired on the WWE Network following Tuesday's "SmackDown Live"; "Raw Talk" ran after "Monday Night Raw". "Unfiltered" was an interview show, which has aired on the WWE Network since April 2015, featuring Young talking to various wrestlers and entertainers.

WWE will now only air the post-Smackdown talk show after Smackdown-branded PPVs rather than after each episode of Smackdown. That likely affected its numbers.