Sprint Flex smartphone lease program


At 18 months: Choose to return your device and upgrade to a new one.

Here's how it works: Choose a new smartphone and start paying monthly with our lowest cost down today.

In its continued efforts to surpass T-Mobile's customer numbers and regain the USA wireless industry's bronze medal position, Sprint has been "simplifying choice", discounting plans of all types, striking device exclusivity deal after deal, offering sweet music streaming freebies and partnering with Best Buy for some of the craziest promotions on the hottest phones. Or they can keep their device for 18 months and then upgrade. With Flex, you can get the same option for any phone Sprint offers. "Sprint Deals goes one step further, giving price-conscious consumers incredible offers and the option to upgrade to the latest phones every year".

Alternatively, customers can get their new phones under Sprint's Deals program, which is aimed at customers who seek to build a credit history, according to the company. Customers who apply for and receive credit with Sprint, can take advantage of Sprint Flex on a postpaid plan: For entry-level devices, customers pay $5 per month with $25 down.

For higher-end devices, customers pay 25 percent off the suggested retail price.

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First, with Sprint Flex, customers can lease any phone and have the option to upgrade or purchase later.

Sprint has today launched two new plans to make smartphone leasing easier in the US. Also included for a limited time is a fifth line for free.

Keep in mind that there could be activation fees at up to $30 per line. On Demand program, which lets T-Mobile customers trade their old handsets in as many as three times a year.

Choose to own the device by making six more monthly payments. Yes, Sprint is now borrowing marketing verbiage from the fast food industry.

The carrier has since added several other Jump! options which integrate additional services, such as device security services and personal help desk options.