Mental Health Day off from work takes the Internet


Another said, "I had to take a mental health day recently and lie about my reasoning for not coming in, because it's not seen as a viable excuse for missing work".

Madalyn Parker is a MI based web developer and suffers from mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

What's more, anxiety disorders, such as Parker's, are the most common mental illness in the US, affecting 40 million adults age 18 and older, or 18 percent of the population, The Anxiety and Depression Association of America reported. She wrote an email to her team that she is utilizing her sick leave of two days to focus on her mental health and well-being and will return to the office refreshed.

Unexpectedly, CEO, and potentially the world's best boss, Ben Congleton replied directly to Parker, thanking her for her honesty around mental health.

Parker posted a screenshot on Twitter of their conversation, and the tweet has since gone viral with thousands of people online applauding Congleton's response and thanking him for acknowledging the importance of mental health in the workplace.

In a tweet last month she wrote, "Too distracted by my health (anxious, depressed, injured) to be effective at work".

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A few weeks ago, she sent an email to her team of around 40 people.

Many who read Parker's post said they weren't as lucky to have an understanding boss.

Madalyn Parker understands the parallels between physical and mental health firsthand: She said she once had to be hospitalized due to problems with her mental health.

Chennai-based mental health and human resources professionals share their thoughts on what it takes for Indian companies to get talking about mental health.With dialogues around mental health just entering the mainstream, there's still a long way to go, says Richa Singh, the CEO and co-founder of YourDost, a platform that offers people help with their emotional and mental wellbeing through support from psychologists and counsellors. With no time for extra-curricular activities to ease out the tension, a cloud of worry looms over most heads.

"This is wonderful. Thankful to Madalyn for being so open - it's not an easy thing to do". You are an example to us all, and help cut through the stigma so we can all bring our whole selves to work. "It's just business as usual for us". That's almost one in five people.

"It's 2017. We are in a knowledge economy. Our jobs require us to execute at peak mental performance", wrote Congleton on Medium. "Let's get rid of the idea that somehow the brain is different".