Kim Clijsters makes a male fan wear white skirt during Wimbledon 2017


Kim Clijsters was taking part in the Ladies Invitational Doubles at Wimbledon with Rennae Stubbs against Jana Novotná and Barbara Schett. The man, sitting close to the court, was loud enough to be heard when he shouted "a body serve".

He accepted the invite and strode out on to the court from the stands.

As he pulled the skirt up, Clijsters collapsed into a fit of the giggles before slamming a serve into his body - which he somehow managed to get back before sending his next shot into the net.

The lucky man was pulled from the crowd during a women's invitational doubles match and given the chance to try to return a serve from four-time major champion Kim Clijsters.

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Now, every pro tennis player knows that you can only wear white clothing on the Wimbledon courts, so it makes sense that Clijsters ran off to fetch her new opponent some more suitable attire. He got a huge hug from Clijsters and a photo with the entire group that he'll surely cherish for a long, long time.

She brought over a skirt from her bag and they were also able to get him a white shirt.

Clijsters fell on the floor laughing as the man was finally dressed to play in Wimbledon.