French military band performs wonderful Daft Punk medley for Trump and Macron


President Donald Trump was also there, as he's visiting Paris to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the United States entering World War I.

During a Bastille Day celebration, the French army band played a mix of Daft Punk songs and even spelled out the names of French cities.

However, there was something special in store for the people of France today: a military band had prepared a medley of one of France's greatest musical exports, Daft Punk. While French President Emmanuel Macron beamed with pride at the delightful notes of "Digital Love" and "One More Time", Trump was the picture of cluelessness.

Honestly, how could you help but smile?

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Another said: "Do you think this visit was actually just so Macron could troll Trump and subliminally call him a "Daft Punk"?". The same can't be said for guest of honour and US President Donald Trump, however, who could not have looked less interested or more confused if he tried.

Macron appeared to be quite amused by the performance while Trump did not give much reaction.

Well, now we can add electronic music to the seemingly endless list of things that Trump has no knowledge of.