Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron


The photo depicts Trump and Macron standing in the center, with Macron's wife Brigitte standing next to the US President and Melania Trump, posing between the French President and the restaurant's chief.

Friday's handshake, awkward as it was, seemed to be less tense and antagonistic than the one shared by Trump upon their first meeting in May.

But this year also marks 100 years since the United States joined the First World War and for the first time US troops were leading the parade.

"They shook hands for an extended period of time".

"You know, you're in such good shape", he said, before repeating the observation to her husband.

Wow. Donald Trump has really outdone himself with his latest awkward handshake.

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He made the comment - which many have deemed "sexist and objectifying" - while on his first state visit to France with wife Melania.

He has been the President of the United States for 174 days now, and yet outrageous Donald Trump quotes are still coming thick and fast - and he's still managing to shock the world with his words.

Shortly after his speech, Macron and Trump walked down from the tribune where they were sitting to stand in front of giant French and American flags that were unfurled by soldiers. It also follows an even weirder moment where the USA president made his country a pariah by pulling out of the near-unanimous global Paris climate accords, reportedly because he felt slighted by Macron's tough-guy handshake.

Trump had publicly supported Macron's far-right opponent, Marine Le Pen, in France's presidential elections.

Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron showed off their budding friendship as the US President was guest of honour at France's Bastille Day parade. "It's not the alpha and the omega of politics, but a moment of truth", he said. As president Trump has basked in the traditional trappings of power, including the military symbols of the presidency.